What Is Wrong with Project Management?

The early symptoms of inefficient project execution processes are instantly recognizable. They include:

  • stop-start work practices (also known as multitasking)
  • proliferating and seemingly useless meetings
  • frequently changing priorities between tasks and projects
  • dealing with one crisis after another, or several in parallel
  • chronic resource shortages

If these problems are not addressed at the root cause, conditions will deteriorate until the pleasure of worthwhile effort is replaced by frustration at the inability to bring tasks to completion, or at having to deliver compromised or low-quality work.

Results Are Created in Execution

Most Project Managers today know that managing the execution phase of their project is just as important as the fundamentals of good planning. But few have the toolkit and robust project management execution methodology they need to truly get the best out of their team and reliably bring projects in on time.

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