A Chain of Knowledge

Connecting people through knowledge like the links in a chain - that is, we belief, the essence of knowledge management.

At Catena Strategies, we use proven methods and practical knowledge for the benefits of our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality and scope of our thought leadership, which addresses both immediate and long-term concerns facing our clients across a wide range of industries, functions, and cultures.

"Never Say I Know" is one of the basic tenets (or pillars) of the Theory of Constraints. It is meant to ensure continuous development through a better understanding of the way the world is and wy it works that way. The late Eli Goldratt (1947-2011), author of the influential business novel "The Goal" and creator of the Theory of Constraints, was also outspoken about the fact that we already have significant knowledge at our hands. Sharing what we know is an important aspect of continuous improvement of persons and organization.

We invite you to join us on the journey along the Chain of Knowledge.

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