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Catena Strategies, a leading international management consulting firm, offers services that drive measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients' operations. We offer strategic and tactical expert advisory as well as on-site consulting and implementation services, supporting all facets of operations and supply chain management. We have a successful track record in improving business performance in supply chain, operations, and project organizations world-wide.

With our team of experienced consultants, we look beyond the surface of the situation to deliver solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and situation and that address the core problems instead of the symptoms. We work with your experts on a solution that you own, assuring successful change and transition management, as well as sustainability.

Our clients improve return on capital employed, profitability, competitive position and growth with through high-performance solutions delivering shorter lead times and time to market and higher productivity at lower cost.

Our approach is deeply rooted in modern, innovative management philosophies and technology such as the Theory of Constraints, Demand Driven MRP, and visual project management.

By focusing on the key leverage points in your environment, we delivery dramatic performance improvements quickly, typically within weeks.

That’s why we call it: Performance. Delivered. Now.

A Revolution in Supply Chain Management



Revolutionary innovations carry great promises; they capture the imagination and motivate people.

Manufacturing, procurement, distribution, and other supply chain professionals are constantly looking for the next cutting edge.

But - how many innovations in supply chain management are truly revolutionary? How many have lived up to their expectations?

Most innovations in supply chain management reconfigure existing solutions and known methods and technologies rather than adding truly new knowledge or practice.

Existing Approaches Show Diminishing Returns

Companies have invested millions of Euros in better forecasting techniques and systems, advanced planning and scheduling, and various technology-based modernization initiatives. However, the results don’t come close to the original business cases. Forecast error is still a significant headache for supply chain planners and managers. While advanced planning may have improved local asset utilization rates, service levels have not improved as expected. The product mix becomes increasingly complex in an attempt to provide mass-customized products. More and more, players in the supply chain acknowledge a “bi-modal” distribution of their inventory positions: too little of the right items (stock outs) and too much of the wrong items (overstocks)...

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What Is This Thing Called DDMRP?

What is DDMRP? This short animated video describes the basic principles of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning.

Thank you to our partner Demand Driven Institute for providing the video.

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