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Creators of Focus and Flow

We help organizations accelerate the flow through their complex systems – projects, supply chain, manufacturing.
The key is to focus on those elements of your system that have the biggest impact on the speed of flow of relevant information and relevant activities, work, and goods. Focusing efforts on these leverage points gives you meaningful results.

As a leading international management consulting firm we offer services that drive measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Our team of experienced consultants looks beyond the surface of the situation to deliver solutions that are tailored to your unique needs and situation. We address core problems instead of symptoms to create lasting breakthrough results. We work with your experts on a solution that you own, assuring successful change and transition management, as well as sustainability.

Our clients improve return on capital employed, profitability, competitive position and growth through high-performance solutions delivering shorter lead times and time to market and higher productivity at lower cost.

Our approach is deeply rooted in modern, innovative management philosophies and technology such as the Theory of Constraints, Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise, and visual project management.

By focusing on the key leverage points in your environment, we deliver dramatic performance improvements quickly, typically within weeks.

Supply Chain Flow

All benefits are related to the speed of flow of relevant information and materials

Project Flow

Finish your projects
on time, on specs, and on budget.

Market Flow

Create sustainable competitive advantage by solving your customers‘ signifcant challenges